How do I properly format my data file for importing into the Veonics Portal?

When providing ID badge data to express badging® for import into the Veonics® Portal, the correct file format must be used when saving the file, otherwise, it can result in data and printing issues.

Three Easy Steps:

  1. Create an export from your source database using a lookup for the headers and records needed. Or;
    1. Generate the headers from your source database using one sample record, then build the Veonics Portal import file as needed
    2. You can ask Team eXpress badging for a starter header template
    3. Retain an empty header file for future badge submittals;
      1. abc_badge_export_.csv
  2. Save your export file as an MS Excel current format or CSV (comma-delimited) format.
    1. "Save As", or name the file with the submittal date appended;
      1. abc_badge_export_12312023.csv
      2. Remember badge data files contain PII sensitive data and should be periodically deleted from your server/PC; for example, after 60 days
  3. Upload your data and corresponding photo files using our Upload Center
    1. eXpress badging policy for Upload Center file retention
      1. Upload Center files are auto-deleted after 60-days, which can change without notice
      2. Files saved on our local server for importing into the Veonics Portal and building the print job are deleted immediately after import.
      3. Veonics Portal records are deleted after printing unless a paid license is currently active
      4. With a paid Veonics Portal license, all data, photos, badge templates, and users are permanently obliterated within ten business days of non-renewal.

Images and Tips from our Badge Production Team:

Common Fields and Formats

common field import

Secondary Fields and Formats

secondary field import

Import Tips:

  1. Once the badge template design is approved, there can be no changes in the import header configuration without being re-proofed!
    1. This means no new fields, as they will not be printed or used in any way and will not be imported.
    2. Do not change the order in which the headers are placed.
      1. Find the previous file sent
      2. Contact eXpress badging and request the last file processed 
  2. You must proof/audit all data provided before uploading
    1. eXpress badging does not edit your data and will print as imported
  3. Remove all blank rows; they may cause data import and printing errors
  4. No trailing empty "spaces" after the last character
    1. The space may show in printing when centered and/or merged with other fields.
    2. Will most definitely cause print design logic to fail
  5. If barcodes or encoding values include leading zeros, double check your export file to make sure they are still there
  6. Empty fields are ok
  7. Include other non-printed fields in your export
    1. Even if not  printed on a badge, think about export fields that will help during issuance:
      1. Location
      2. Department
      3. Manager Name