How do we take great photo ID headshots?

Only when a photo is captured and cropped to a recognizable size does it make a photo ID badge a safe and secure resource.

Photo ID Headshot Capturing Tips:

  • It is recommended to get as close as possible to the subject, capturing from the shoulders up.
  • The camera is placed three feet from the subject. Do not use the zoom feature.
  • Use a solid light color backdrop. A matte finished backdrop acts as a light diffuser and reduces glare.
  • If no backdrop is used, be sure there are not any pictures, windows, objects, light switches etc behind the subject.
  • It is recommended to remove non-prescription eyeglasses, sunglasses, or headwear.
  • Do not have your subject directly under fluorescent light fixtures to avoid greenish tints.
  • Adjust your lighting and/or camera settings for various skin tones.
  • You will capture/upload, crop, adjust attributes, rotate, resize and validate (approve) your photos within our Veonics Portal™
  • If you have a USB web camera plugged into your PC, running a MAC in PC emulation, you can directly capture photos into the Veonics Portal™ record.
  • If you include "Email Address" as a Veonics Portal™ badge record field, you can use the Veonics CELLfie™ feature to remote capture awesome-looking badge photos.
  • eXpress badging does offer data entry and photo import service options for the customer who procures this service.

photo_crop                                                       CELLfie use photo 11