Why are initial Veonics® Portal users set by eXpress badging®?

Unlike standard software solutions, the Veonics Portal must meet a high cybersecurity threshold. To ensure only vetted companies are approved by eXpress badging, User access is initiated upon license activation.

eXpress badging Managed User Account Setup 

Most Veonics Portal customers prefer that eXpress badging's Technical Support Department enables and disables their Portal-Users.

Initial New User Accounts

The customer provides a list of authorized users and approved Roles and Permissions for newly set-up accounts.  eXpress badging will create all  New User Accounts and assign default Roles and Permissions if not provided. Authorized users are assigned a username and temporary password.  A New User email is sent to reset the password. Please take a look at the sample email in Step 2 below.

eXpress badging Managed Process:

For all eXpress badging enabled New User account creation, and for security reasons, we must vet all New User account creation requests.

  1. An existing Authorized Veonics Portal user must request a New User account creation by:
    1. Using the Contact Us button in the Veonics Portal Help portlet; requires logging in
    2. Using the Contact Us button form found on our website.
      1. We do not recommend emailing or calling, as it may result in a delay in response 
      2. The person requesting must have an active Veonics Portal user account (Active Portal-User) which assumes an active Organization Portal account exists.
  2. The Active Portal User provides:
    1. First Name
    2. Last Name
    3. Email Address
    4. If multiple Record Properties are used, state the accessible Properties

Nonauthorized Portal Requests

Nonauthorized requests for new accounts setups will be denied and provided the following instructions:

  • eXpress badging cannot complete your request for access to the Veonics Portal.  Please communicate with your Organization's point of contact, who currently has access to the Veonics Portal, or one we can verify within our records.