How do new Veonics® Portal users log in and set a new password?

To use the Veonics Portal, users must have a valid account. A temporary password is provided and must be reset.

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Table of Contents

New Portal Users

Step 1: Request log-in from eXpress badging

For new users, eXpress badging will provide a username and temporary password once your Veonics® Portal account has been created
•    You must provide authorized log-in approval

Step 2: New User Email

•    Once the New User email from is received, proceed to log in: 

Step 3: Log-in Instructions

  • “Copy and Paste” your username into the Username field
  • “Copy and Paste” the temporary password into the Password field
  • Select the Login icon
    • For first-time users, you must read and accept the terms of use statement
    • Otherwise, you will not be granted access
    • Users are directly taken to the Setting Password page

Step 4: Setting Password

password new

  • Once logged in, you should be directed to the Account page and tab, if not, mouse over the cog in the upper right corner and select My Account
  • “Paste” in the temporary password in the Current Password field
  • Then enter a new password in the New Password field and duplicate it in the Confirm Password field
  • The password requires a minimum of 12 characters, with at least one of each
    • Upper case
    • Lower case
    • Number
    • Special character
  • Select “Save” once completed

You can now log in using your new credentials. If your password is not working, please review our Password Reset article.

Two Factor Authentication

Two-Factor Setup

password two factor

  1. Select two-factor authentication if you or your organization requires it.
    • When selected, the above additional page will pop up with additional instructions.
    • Only select and follow the instructions below if using an authenticator application on your mobile device
    • Enabling two-factor authentication greatly increases the security of your account.
      1. Authenticator (C) Google 2010 app is recommended
      2. Found on the app store
    2. Scan the Veonics Portal displayed bar code on your device to record the authorization code
      1. This is the only time this code will be displayed
      2. If the code does not work or the app is removed from your device, you will need to ask your administrator to reset your password, which will clear the two-factor authentication
    3. Select “Save” once completed

Logging in with Two-Factor Authentication enabled


  1. After entering the username and password, an additional Token box will appear
  2. Open the associated authenticator app used in the setup stage above
  3. Enter the displayed "Photo Capture Code” on the app in the Veonics Portal Token field and select Login.
  4. Repeat this step for every login. 
    1. You can increase the Veonics Portals Default Session Length (auto logoff-after time) by mousing over the cog in the upper right corner, selecting My Account
    2. Select the Options tab and increase the Default Session Length in minutes
    3. It is recommended to increase the Default List Length to 100 or more to see more card records on a single screen.

Disabling Two-Factor

  1. Login using the steps above
  2. Once logged in, mouse over the cog in the upper right corner and select My Account
  3. Deselect the Two-Factor Authentication Enabled box, and select the Save icon
    1. If your authenticator app stops working, or if not set up correctly, request a password reset and start over or continue without two-factor authentication.