First-time login Veonics Portal help.

You have just been given access to the Veonics Portal. You can follow the steps below to get started.

First Time Login

  1. Check your email.
    1. You should have received an email from with the subject line User created. If its not in your inbox check Your spam folder.
  2. Login and agree to the User Agreement.
    1. Once you get your email with your login credentials, use the following link and log in.
    2. Log in here
    3. Once you log in, accept our User Agreement to continue.  If you do not accept it, you'll be denied access.
  3. Change your password
    1. Once you're logged in, mouse over the gear on the top right corner and click on My Account if you are not automatically directed there.
      1. gear icon my account
    2. Once You reach the account management page, you will see your user name and email. What you want to do is copy and paste your current password into the corresponding box. Then type in a new password that is at least 12 characters long and follows the rules below.
    3. Password must contain characters from three of the following four categories:
      1. Uppercase characters A-Z (Latin alphabet)
      2. Lowercase characters a-z (Latin alphabet)
      3. Digits 0-9
      4. Special characters (!, $, #, %, etc.)
      5. Once this is complete, click on save.

Types of Accounts

There are a few types of accounts which will decide what level of access you will have in the portal. The types of accounts will be down below.

  1. We print badges for you as a service
    1. The majority of our customers will be given access at this level.
    2. You will need Basic Customer for access to the card group.
    3. Has enough access to add new records and photos and approve for printing.
    4. Does not have VPQM access for printing on-premises.
    5. Allows users to the Post Order feature where we receive an email for print job requests.
  2. You print badges on your premises
    1. You will require the VPQM System User role for access to queues.
    2. You will require a VCDb System User role for Station access.
    3. You will need a Basic Customer for access to the card group.

Roles Basics

Click here for detailed Roles and Permissions

  1. User Manager - We print-for-you customers
    1. Adds User Manager permissions to a User who will manage, create, edit, inactivate, and reset other users' passwords
    2. Can only access Users and Organizations by itself
    3. Allows the user to add roles to other user accounts
    4. Fulfillment Power User role is required.
  2. User Admins- Super Administrator role is assigned.
    1. This user must be very technical and has been factory-trained
      1. We have very few users at this level.
    2. The Veonics Portal can cause permanent damage to your account if correct processes are not followed, as it is not intuitive or forgiving.
    3. They will see all the features of the Veonics Portal and the ability to use them.
      1. The only restriction is access to Organizations above their assigned hierarchy.