What is the correct way to Post Orders for printing in the Veonics® Portal?

Learn how to correctly use the Post Order feature. Starting with, the Veonics Portal record must be in an Approved state, otherwise, it will not be printed when Posting Orders.

Table of Contents:

The Post Order Process

The most efficient badge printing process is having eXpress badging® print photo ID badges for you as a service using our Post Order process. When using the Post Order button or using the Post Order Wizard (Start Order), all you are doing is generating an email that tells eXpress badging services' badge Production Department your Organization has Approved badge records to print.   Once we get to printing your Post Order request, we will print ALL badges that are in an Approved state.  After printing, they will be in a Printed state.

Step 1: Approve records for printing

  • Create or edit New records and place them in an Approved state for all of the new badge records needing printing.  This means both record Status is approved and Photo status is accepted with green check icons. 
    • You can select the “New” icon to enter a new record
    • For existing New records, from the Record Manager, search a field to look up an existing New record, select the ID hyperlink, and if the record needs editing, select the Edit icon, make changes, then select the Save/Approve icon to place them in an Approved state. If the record requires no edits, simply select the Approve icon. 
  • If you need to exit the record and return to edit further, select “Save”, or “Save/Continue”
  • After approving a record, you’ll still be able to “Edit” before printing, if needed
  • When both data and photo are ready, select “Save/Approve” in the upper banner
    • If the Photo status is Missing Photo we will not print your badge, unless the Design does not have a photo
    • If the Photo status is Pending Validation will delay printing your badge, as we will Approve it to set standards
    • If the Photo status is Accepted, but the photo is cropped incorrectly or the photo is of poor quality, will delay printing, unless we are told to print as-is. 
  • RECORDS NOT IN A NEW STATE (Printed, Inactive, Lost, Stolen...) they must be placed in an Approved state by
    • Select the Reissue icon in the above banner which will create a duplicate record in a New state and you MUST follow the Approve process before it can be printed.
    • There is no exception to this rule, as we can only look up/search records in an Approved state, and we will print ALL records in an Approved state.  

Step 2: Once on the main Record Manager page, all records displaying a green checkmark in the “Status” and “Photos” columns, are now “Approved” to be printed and further require you to select the “Post Order” icon once all badge records are ready for printing.

  • In the record Manager, select the “Post Order” icon in the Cards banner.
  • Only records with “Approved” in the Status and Photos columns can be submitted.
  • If you have badges that do not require photos, we will permit no photo records to be Posted.
  • If the quantity is not correct, review the badges submitted for approval status.
  • If you do not have rights to Post Order:
    • Once your badge request is ready to print, send an email to a provided IDME email address, and we’ll do the rest.

Post Order Tips

  • Do not “Approve” your portal record until you are ready to “Post” your entire order
  • You can batch Approve by checking off the required records, then select the “ID Cards” button, then “Approve,” and then “Start.”
  • The “Post Order” option only sends an email to our Production department and places your order in the queue
  • When your order is pulled for printing, we will print all “Approved” records for printing, even if approved after Posting.
  • Once printed, you see the “Approved” status change to “Printed.” This means they have shipped the same day or the next.