What is eXpress badging's reprint guarantee?

If your photo ID badge does not look or work right, we will overnight a replacement for free! This applies for all print jobs submitted correctly where eXpress badging did not print as submitted or within approved proof standards.

Acceptable Issues and Imperfections:


Small Specs:

  • Fine debris and lint particles trapped under the print film, ribbon, and laminate that does not prominently affect the display of a photo, text, or logo
Slight Color Variations: 
  • The final product's color may vary from CMYK specifications or PMS numbers provided because of the printer heat and other specifications in various printers used to produce the final ID card/badge.
Card Stock Shades: 
  • The white shade of the PVC card stock can vary over time and by technology type
Image Quality:
  • Poor Image Quality Matching Proof
  • We print graphic files and photos as provided, if they are low resolution, they will print in low resolution


Printed As Submitted:

  • We print the badge as submitted regarding data, photo, and badge design
  • We do not correct data at all; we print as-is, including text case
  • We may, at times, correct/adjust a photo or obvious data errors when caught as a courtesy
Fields Not on Proof: 
  • Additional data is omitted that is in a separate column(s)  and is not the approved proof
  • Never  include new fields until gone through design proofing

Design Logic:

  • If you have more than one badge design or Badge Type, you must know the fields used that are used to auto-select the correct design template
  • If you enter or provide incorrect data in a  Badge Type or related logic fields, your badge will be printed as is

Standard Text Field Truncation: 

  • Text cut-off based on too many characters
Auto-reduce Text Field: 
  • Font size is too small based on too many characters 
  • We suggest reducing the number of characters via abbreviations
Wrapped Text Field: 
  • Text that extends beyond the proofed number of lines
  • We suggest reducing the number of characters via abbreviations
Laminate Bleeds:
  • The laminate film bleeds a tiny bit over the edge of the badge
Graphic Movement:
  • A plus/minus graphic/text movement tolerance of .063" is allowed during printing/production


Dead on Arrival on Non-tested Readers:

  • The badge technology is not working in readers where eXpress badging does not have an Approved Testing Form 
  • RFID card is not working based on incorrect data provided 
  • Barcode is not working based on incorrect data provided 
  • The magnetic stripe is not working based on incorrect data provided by

Unacceptable Issues and Imperfections:


Image Quality:
  • Poor Image Quality Not Matching Proof
Large Imperfections:
  • Large enough ribbon wrinkles (blurred smudges) affecting the look of the badge from four feet.
  • Streaks or lines of color going down the design 
Ribbon Alignment or Discoloring
  • Images have very noticeable variations of colors showing/shadowing in yellow, red, blue, and black
Wrong Card Stock or Laminate Used
  • The card stock was not as specified
  • The laminate was not as specified


Incorrect Photo:

  • The photo printed does not match the photo submitted
Poor Cropping
  • A photo incorrectly cropped if applicable
  • A full-faced photo image was provided and once cropped a partially-faced photo was printed
    • A paid-for service
Incorrect Data:
  • The data printed does not match the data submitted per the approved design proof
Incorrect Design:
  • The wrong badge design was printed, and correctly requested
Slotting Error:
  • The badge was not slotted as specified
  • The badge was slotted incorrectly


The Technology was Dead on Arrival on Tested Readers:

  • The badge technology was dead on arrival and is not working in all approved site readers approved during testing
    • RFID is not working
    • Barcode is not working
    • Magnetic Stripe is not working