What is the eXpress badging® printer technical support process?

eXpress badging is an authorized dealer for all ID product lines provided. As your first level of contact, eXpress badging will help troubleshoot and repair issues.

We encourage all customers to report all issues as soon as possible to eXpress badging for all badge system-related support and repair issues. 

Report your technical support issue to:

  • Complete the Contact Us form on our website
  • Email our support department (support@)
  • Call Us at 800-909-8602 or 321-784-5925

Our Techincal Support Process

We will create an internal support ticket and will manage it through resolution. We have a high first-engagement resolution success rate, and when repairs or updates are required, we will manage and expedite the entire engagement so you can get back to what you do best. Please plan to invest the time required for our support team to conduct troubleshooting. 

Our technical support team is usually busy, and you can expect your support issue to be responded to within four business hours EST.  If we do not, please poke us with a friendly reminder. It is rare, but issues can be missed. If your issue requires expedited support, please document the state of urgency so we can triage correctly.

Support Issue Preparation:


Ideally, the person calling understands the system well, is somewhat technical, has admin rights and can invest fifteen to thirty minutes of their time. 


Please locate your printer serial number, make, and model for printer-related issues, then complete our Technical Support form.  If you call without, we must acquire the same information, increasing your on-call resolution time.


For printers that are under the manufacturer warranty and if the printer problem cannot be fixed by our support staff, a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) form will be generated. There is no charge for repair parts and labor; return shipping costs are sometimes covered. If a loaner or replacement warranty is active, we will also manage the related Ticket through completion.


If you are off-warranty or do not have an extended support agreement, eXpress badging will provide a written estimate based on required parts, labor, and shipping. If you have an active eXpress Badging ESA for your badge system, you will receive a discounted rate for repair evaluation. If the printer problem cannot be fixed by our support staff, a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) form will be generated. 


Printer boxes are not cheap; even though they can take up space, a replacement box can cost upwards of $150.  It is required for repair shipments, and if a printer box is not used, damages can be expected and will increase the repair cost. A new box will be used in the return shipment and invoiced accordingly. This becomes very important after the loaner or replacement printer warranty expires. So, save the box if you can.


If under warranty, the printer warranty process requires a technical person. It will extend the resolution time beyond 30 minutes and can be up to an hour or two in total by the time the support ticket is resolved.