What is a Veonics® Portal Family?

The current purpose of Veonics® Portal Families is to allow Organizations with multiple Record Properties or Cards Groups to move records between one another.

Rules of being a member of a defined Family:

  1. Must have the same Parent Organization, called the Root Parent Org (RPO) or related Child Org.
    1. Child Organizations under the RPO can be in the same Family.
    2. All Child Organization names in the same Family must start with the RPO First name
      1. Example; ABC is the Root, and ABC Orlando is the Child.
    3. Child Organizations are created when restricted rights are required at the Record Properties (Card Group) level.
      1. ABC (Root)
      2. ABC Orlando (Child1)
      3. ABC Miami (Child2)
      4. ABC Tampa (Child3)
  2. Must be assigned the same Record Setup known as the Root Parent Record Setup to the RPO
    1. Root Parent Organization is named RPO1
    2. Root Parent Record Setup is named RPRS1
      1. (Design Name: Orlando, Miami, and Tampa) and linked to RPO1 (Organization) and RPRS1 (Record Setup)
  3. Root Record Properties (Card Group) is named RPO1 (DEV Requirement)
    1. Root Record Properties is a table-view of all Child Record Properties (CRP1) records
    2. Records cannot be created, edited or deleted in the Root Record Properties
  4. All additional Child Record Properties and clones of Root Record Properties are created using a hierarchical nomenclature. If Child Properties require rights to enable access, then they must be assigned to a Child Organization under the same Root Organization.