What is a Software or Hardware Warranty Service Agreement?

Manufacturers provide various warranties on their products. In the context of badging products, the PVC badge printer, laminator, and ID management software, are the three primary products covered under warranty.

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Warranty Coverage for PVC Badge Printers & Laminators

The details of the product's warranty service agreements (WSA) are found within the manufacturer's provided information in their packaging and on their website.  Here are some general findings:

  • Parts, Labor and Shared Shipping, are covered for up to three years.
  • Loaner Printer is provided during repair periods (HID/Fargo)
  • The replacement Printer is swapped-out for a printer needing repair (IDP)
  • Some manufacturers require the printer to be registered before the warranty can be used
  • Some manufacturers offer Mfr Extended Support Agreements (ESA) programs
  • eXpress badging offers a variety of  Extended Support Agreements (ESA) during and after WSA expiry

eXpress badging provides hardware customers with warranty coverage management during the first year from the invoice date (ship date). 

Warranty Coverage for ID Management Software

Software manufacturers have various warranties, terms, and conditions, so we recommend obtaining the current manufacturer’s terms and conditions for reference.

Here are some general findings:

  • Desktop same-version upgrades may be included.
  • May include new version upgrade discounts
  • Most do not include manufacturer technical support
  • Software licenses can be lost if not correctly uninstalled for moving to new computers
  • All warranty support claims require a software license ID and proof of purchase

eXpress badging provides software customers with limited warranty coverage management during the first year from the invoice date (ship date) or during active Saas licensing.

Most desktop software licenses purchased from eXpress badging™ are not covered under a warranty service agreement (WSA) by the manufacturer or eXpress badging™ unless an Extended Support Contract (ESA) is purchased and in an activated state. 

eXpress badging’s Veonics Portal™ hosted software includes all related WSA terms and conditions. 

Hardware and Software purchased from eXpress badging include: 

  • 12 months of eXpress badging™ remote technical support
  • Single point of contact for hardware and software active warranty support issues

  • Priority support response within four business hours

  • We provide remote into PC basic training for new users
  • Remote assistance in moving the badging system to new computer hardware
  • Troubleshooting and resolution management for needed repairs

  • Discounts on upgrades and off-warranty repairs

  • Remote training for new users
  • Remote assistance in badge template creation and edits