What happens after Jolly Technologies' ID Flow end-of-life?

Jolly Technologies does not offer support for discontinued or end-of-life products. This includes email support.

The eXpress badging ID Flow End of Life Statement:

It has come to our attention that Jolly Technologies has ceased developing its ID Flow and Lobby Track desktop software since 2019. They currently provide limited support for their current versions 7.X and 8.x. eXpress badging advises all users of ID Flow or Lobby Track to consider transitioning to alternative software, hosted software, or contracted badge printing services.

Jolly Technologies' official statement can be found here.

Although this article does not mention ID Flow 7.x and 8.x, eXpress badging has recently (Summer 2023) discovered support issues and has deemed all ID FLOW versions end-of-life. As a result, Jolly Technology may offer some limited support, when available, but most software issues will go unresolved.

However, eXpress badging will honor any EBS ESA extended support agreements and assist customers to the best of their abilities with available resources and knowledge. Unfortunately, eXpress badging can no longer guarantee uptime or issue resolution. If customers experience issues with ID Flow after updating their MS Windows operating system, it is recommended to revert back to the working version until the Jolly software is replaced.

eXpress badging upgrade options:

  1. Upgrade to our Veonics Portal cloud-based software
  2. Contract all your badge printing to eXpress badging