What are Catalogs, and how are they set up?

Veonics® Portal Catalogs are primarily used to create dropdown lists, that are assigned to a field in a Record Setup field list.

Data entry needs to be consistent in certain fields that have finite entries like Badge Type, Department, Title, and Location, to name a few of the most common fields. If the list changes regularly, it is not recommended to assign a Catalog, as free data entry is not permitted.


Catalog creation and editing is an advanced feature and only accessible to those who have assigned rights.  When the Catalogs icon is visible, means you have the right to view and/or create new lists.  Highlight a listed Catalog and then select View to access it or select New to create new ones. If many Catalogs are listed, filter the list by entering text into the search area under each heading: ID, Catalog Name, Catalog Type, or Organization when applicable. Most searches will be in the Catalog Name list. 

New and View Icons


  • New - Creates new Catalog Dropdown lists
  • View - After highlighting an existing Catalog, via left mouse click, select View to enter the list
  • Catalog Column Displays 
    • ID - Is the system assigned index unique value  that is not user-editable but is a good reference 
    • Name - Displays the Catalog name assigned by the creator
    • Organization - Displays the Organization's assigned

Catalog Properties and Entries Icons


After selecting the New or View Catalog

  • Icon Set
    • Save - Select to save your work
    • Sort Save - Once the completed Catalog list is created, use this icon to place the list in alphabetical order
    • Go Back - Select this icon to return to the Record Setup's main page
  • Catalog Properties
    • ID - This Is the system-assigned index unique value  that is not user-editable but is a good reference 
    • Name - Create a unique Catalog name
      • When assigning a name, pay attention to the nomenclature used, so it is logical for others to understand who may assume system management afterward
      • If  badge management is basic, the names can be basic
      • If badge management covers many locations, divisions, and possible entities, the naming structure can make the difference in defining an easy-to-understand list, versus one that makes no sense at all and requires interpretation  
        • ABC_Badge_Type_1
        • ABC-Title_1
        • ABC-Department_1
        • ABC-Location_1
        • XYZ_Badge_Type_1
        • XYZ-Title_1
        • XYZ-Department_1
        • XYZ-Location_1
    • Organization - Assign the Catalog to the correct Organization(s)
      • Clone or copy a list that is Veonics Portal  default, and then assign the new list to the correct Organization as a best practice 
    • Type - Currently, Field Catalog is the only option, and there are no future uses defined.

Entries Icon Set

  • Edit - Highlight a Catalog line item and then select Edit
  • Delete - Highlight a Catalog line item and then select Delete
  • Reactivate - Highlight a deleted/inactivated Catalog line item and then select Reactivate
  • Add - Select to Add a new Line item
    • See below Add Icon breakdown
  • Up - Highlight a Catalog line item and then select to move an item Up one line
  • Down - Highlight a Catalog line item and then select to move an item Down one line
  • Import - Select Import to Choose File for importing Catalog entries.
    • Notice: Continuing will discard any unsaved changes to the catalog.
    • catalog_import

Add Icon


Select the Add icon to add new options for the dropdown. Make sure that the value and description are the same. Make sure to save. Once this has been completed, go into the Record Setup for the organization and add the Catalog into the fields settings and choose the Catalog from the list provided.

  • Value - In most builds, the Value is the same as the Description
    • Value = Alias in the field Record Setup
    • However, when importing field data that is not the same as what should be printed on the badge
      • Value = Imported Value, for example, HR
      • Description = Printed Value, for example, Human Resource
  • Description - Is the published drop-down value and what is used when creating conditional logic statements
    • Description = Caption in the field Record Setup
  • Ok - Select to continue and Add the Catalog line item
  • Cancel - Setup when not continuing to Add

Managing Catalogs


After adding the first Catalog line item, additional ones are added by repeating the same steps.

  • Edit - Select to enter the Catalog editing mode
  • Deactivate - Once a Catalog list is activated, it can not be edited;
    • Select Deactivate so it can be edited
  • Activate - Select to Activate or approve the Catalog for use
    • REMEMBER  to Activate after editing and before exiting the Catalog 
    • Failure to Activate can result in Veonics Portal performance issues 
  • Clone - Select Clone to duplicate a list that will then be Deactivated, Edited, and Activated for use in another Record Setup
    • This saves time in rebuilding the list
  • Back - Select this icon to return to the Catalog main page