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Veonics® Portal History and System Architecture

The Veonics® Portal is a hosted photo ID management software deployed commercially in 2015. Some additional uniques are: remote photo capture, mobile displayed Veonics Virtual ID™, printer agnostic, and data integration functions.



Table of Contents

A Little History

eXpress badging® uses the Veonics® Portal to print hundreds of thousands of badges for our customers annually. We also have a SaaS (software as a service) customer base that purchases annual licenses to print badges on their premises. We currently have a growing customer base of Veonics Virtual ID customers who only use mobile-displayed photo ID cards.

In our driven efforts to create a mobile device displayed Veonics Virtual ID, eXpress badging built a hosted photo ID management software solution with several features in mind:

  • An architecture that securely manages many organizations and users
  • Enabled with a powerful MySQL database, allowing for definable fields and attributes
  • Capture badge photos remotely using a secure email process that does not require the recipient's login credentials
  • The ability to capture, crop, and store badge photos one at a time or in batches
  • Print a photo ID badge using off-the-self badge printers
  • A powerful badge template design tool based on customer-provided badge designs
  • Data-integrated features to connect with the customer's source database(s)

Time Line

  • 2011 - "WEB-IT" - Hosted identity management PowerPoint presented to Veonics, LLC Board of Directors
  • 2012 - THE SPARK - Go mobile or go out of business 
  • 2013 - 6Ds MAPPING - The start of the Veonics Portal source code
  • 2014 - ALPHA/BETA BUILD - Playground full of cool browser-based ID management tools
  • 2015 - CUSTOMER ONBOARDING -  Migrated eXpress badging contract badging customers and onboarded the first annual Veonics Portal customer
  • 2016 - OEM Transfer of Ownership TOO PROSPECTING - The market was not ready yet, but the Veonics Portal was a great fit for eXpress badging
  • 2017 - OEM NOT VIABLE - Veonics Partners moved into Federal space, while eXpress badging saw the viability
  • 2018 - EB TOO - eXpress badging contracted with Veonics Partners, the purchase and Transfer of Ownership of the Veonics Portal source code
  • 2019 - eB PATH TO VIABILITY - The Veonics Portal growth continued with large "Corporate 1000" rebadges, leading the path to viability
  • 2020 - STABILITY AND RIO - The market shift to hosted ID management begun
  • 2021 - TOO COMPLETION - eXpress badging became the sole owner of the Veonics Portal source code

Veonics Portal Three Solutions: 

Veonics Portal ID Hosted ID Management Software (PORTAL)

  • A user interface designed to manage badge data, capture photos, generate virtual ID cards, and send badge print jobs to printer queues.

Veonics Portal Print Queue Manager (VPQM)

  • A lightweight desktop downloaded applet that is user credential accessed and used to release print jobs to local printers.

Veonics Credential Database (VCDB)

  • Our API or SFTP data integration feature is designed to populate the Veonics Portal from a customer’s source database.

AWS Web Services, Data, Photo Server Configuration, and Encryption: 

AWS RDS Data Server: Encrypted at Rest

  • The Veonics Portal uses managed database services through Amazon Web Services (AWS); specifically, their enterprise RDS Servicer which provides redundancy/fast performance/security/high availability.  Details of RDS security features are explained here:  https://aws.amazon.com/rds/details/#security
  • Amazon RDS allows the Veonics Portal to encrypt databases using Key Management Services (KMS).  Veonics Portal data is encrypted at rest.

AWS S3 Photo Server: Encrypted at Rest with no open/published link to the associated data record

  • Photo files are stored on a separate AWS S3 Server, and we format the photos files so there is no direct link to the related ID record.

EC2 Server

  • All web services (web application components: examples WSDL, SOAP, RDF, and RSS) are stored and managed on a third Amazon EC2 Server, further firewalling the ability of breached access functionality.

Load Balancing

  • The Veonics Portal can automate load balancing when needed. Currently, it is not enabled, as we have plenty of capacity, and it is monitored as needed.