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Should we print our photo ID badges, or outsource them?

When tasked with managing photo ID issuance within your organization, is it more efficient for internal staff to procure the systems, supplies, and services to print onsite, or outsource issuance to a trusted vendor?

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Three decision factors go into photo ID badge issuance management: personnel, cost, and timeframe.

  1. Does your organization have moderately trained technical personnel to manage ID badge printing on-premises
    1. If not, then an outsourced photo ID printing service should be considered.
  2. Consider the per ID badge cost by dividing your print volume over three years by the cost of a correctly configured ID printing system and the required internal support resources.
    1. ID management software, badge printers, card stock, ribbons, laminate, cleaning supplies, digital cameras, backdrop, printer/camera cables, badge holders, slot device, and professional services to install, set up, train, and support so your badging program is efficient for future years.
    2. The opportunity cost threshold of buying an ID badge printing system starts at around 250 badges annually.
  3. Can your recipients wait, or can your organization use temporary badges while receiving the permanent ID badge within three to five business days?
    1. If there is a so-be-it that the ID badge must be issued immediately, then you’re in the ID badge printing business.  If you can wait, then consider outsourcing.