What are the key badge printing personnel accountabilities and technical requirements?

Issuing a photo ID requires technical competence and accountability, hence, photo ID issuance systems are not to be considered basic office equipment, but more as computer systems and information technology.

Table of Contents

Customer and Personnel Accountabilities

The SERVICE PROVIDER cannot deliver SERVICES unless the CUSTOMER understands and performs their accountabilities that are requirements in support of this article and include:

  • Provided CUSTOMER personnel can troubleshoot and communicate any software, printer, or card technology issue clearly stating the problem and reporting it promptly to the SERVICE PROVIDER, preferably at the time of occurrence or no later than by the next business day
    • Calls, emails, or submits a website Contact Us form communicating the related issue
    • Communicates reasonable availability of support resolution scheduling that can require anywhere between 15 to 60 minutes or longer, depending on the problem
    • Can learn how to use the badging software, camera and/or badge printer to manage data entry, photo capture, and printing of ID badges
    • Can “Post Order” in the Veonics® Portal for SERVICE PROVIDER to print ID badges if under a badge printing engagement
    • Manages all Veonics Portal password resets and entry of new users
    • Can install printer ribbons, transfer film, laminate, and card stock in ID card printers
    • Can clean printers as recommended by the manufacturer using adhesive cleaning cards and/or alcohol swabs
    • Will be required to remove stuck cards with CUSTOMER-provided tools without damaging the printer
      • Magnetic screwdriver and Torx bit set
      • Needle nose pliers
      • Compressed air
      • Scotch tape
      • Penlight or small bright flashlight
    • Will be required to correctly box up the printer and/or laminator in the manufacturer’s supplied box and prepare and attach labels for shipping per guided instructions from SUPPORT
      • This requires the planning of long-term storage of the printer box so anyone in need can find and use it
    • Will be required to correctly unbox and setup a received printer upon receipt and will take photos of any shipping damages immediately
    • Any setup delay beyond five-business days from receipt, and when the printer is determined to be DOA (see below), any expediting charges other than standard shipping rates, will be covered by the customer
    • Will document all serial numbers of printers and laminators shipped and received
    • When applicable, must understand what the MANUFACTURER’S warranty terms and accountabilities include and do not include
    • For multiple locations, will provide the common language location name in all communications
    • Use only MANUFACTURER-branded and authorized printer ribbons, films, laminate, and card stock (supplies).
      • If supplies are not procured from SERVICE PROVIDER and are suspected of causing the reported problem, the correct supplies will be required to continue troubleshooting
    • Payment for all relevant support costs at the agreed interval or provided price when applicable

CUSTOMER Security Compliance

  • CUSTOMER users will understand all CUSTOMER internal data security policies regarding PII and will always enforce them
  • All new CUSTOMER users must be verified by the CUSTOMER to access the SERVICE PROVIDER support department or be assigned rights to the Veonics® Portal by an authorized CUSTOMER user

CUSTOMER Personnel Technical Level

  • Must have a moderate level of computer skills
  • Must have a technology mindset and willingness to learn
  • Must have moderate MS Windows computer navigation skills
  • Knows their computer login rights thresholds and provides appropriate IT support personnel when installing hardware and software
  • Knows how to manage printer drivers
  • Knows how to use an internet browser (Google Chrome recommended)
  • Has a basic understanding of printer technology
  • Understands and complies with set CUSTOMER and SERVICE PROVIDER cybersecurity standards