How to download the Veonics® Print Queue Manager or VPQM?

The VPQM is a lightweight download application that seamlessly integrates into the Veonics Portal to securely release print jobs with no additional software needed, as a self-contained executable requiring minimal configuration.

How to download a Veonics® VPQM to your Desktop

  1. Your Veonics Portal access will need Admin Tab access rights to see the Download tab. 
    1. Select the Admin tab
    2. Select Downloads Tab
    3. Select the VPQM hyperlink within Downloads
    4. The Download may appear in your browser footer and is also auto-saved in your Downloads folder on your PC’s hard drive
    5. It is best to move the vPQM to your Desktop by using your File Explorer
      • Right-click on your START or WINDOWS button in the bottom left of your screen
      • Select “File Explorer”
      • Select your “Downloads” folder in the left margin tree once launched
      • Locate and select the VeonicsPrintQueue.exe file (most recent vPQM file)
      • Right-click on the file and select “Copy”
      • Navigate to your Desktop by selecting “Desktop” from the left margin tree in your File Explorer
      • Right-click, select “Paste” pasting the vPQM in your Desktop folder, or you can do this step directly on your Desktop
  2. You can also install the executable app if it is provided by either another in your organization that has rights, or by eXpress badging Technical Support staff.
  3. If you are not comfortable with this step, contact your IT support person, or contact eXpress badging®