How do you send badge print jobs to the Veonics® Print Queue Manager for printing?

Once a card record's status is Approved, it can be sent to a Print Queue. Once Enqueue, print jobs are released to associated printers using the vPQM desktop application.

Sending Card Records to the Print Queue


  • Requires user rights to send or print for the queue
    • When viewing an approved card
    • When managing cards in a group
      • Only approved cards may be sent to a queue
      • The user may filter  by “Enqueued” status or by the specific queue cards assigned to
  • The user must choose which queue to send the cards to
    • Typically, a dropdown
    • If the number of available queues is large, then an autocomplete control is used
      • Type a few characters to retrieve a list of matching queues
  • If the card is already in a queue, it gets reassigned to the specified queue
  • A user may also remove a card that is already enqueued
    • Returns to “approved” state
  • Or put the card “on hold”
    • Remains in the queue but won’t print in vPQM

Printing Cards from the vPQM


  • Upon opening the vPQM™ the user must authenticate with username, password, and name of the assigned station
  • After successfully authenticating, the user may choose the printer and queue to connect to
    • Here, the user may also configure the printer settings to obtain better results
  • vPQM™ displays the list of cards waiting to be printed in the queue
    • The user may select the desired cards and click “Print”
      • Note: all cards are selected by default

Printer Configuration

  • Each printer may produce slightly different results
  • The “Settings” screen permits adjustments to printer properties to obtain the best possible results and are saved for future executions
  • Current settings include
    • X/Y (horizontal/vertical) offset in pts (1/72th of an inch, default 0)
    • X/Y zoom factor (default, 100%)
  • One common reason for adjusting printer properties is achieving full-bleed in printers that support it
  • The “Test” button prints a sample grid pattern to help in the adjustment of these parameters

“Automatic” Printing

  • Enable automatic printing to release print jobs from the queue without user intervention
    • It is also possible to run in automatic mode by specifying “-a” as a command-line argument
  • When printing automatically, vPQM™ periodically polls the server to see if new cards have been sent to the queue, and if so, selects them and starts to print them
    • This enables the vPQM to run in the background
    • It is recommended that the operator periodically check the status of the printer and vPQM™ regarding hardware or connectivity issues that require human intervention and prevent operation