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How do you customize the Home page Portlets?

The Home page is the default page of the Veonics® Portal. Adding Portlets to your Home screen will provide instant reporting metrics. Some Portlets require assigned User Rights before they can be enabled.

Listed below are the available Veonics Portal Portlets and their description.

Table Of Contents

Home Page with Portets

home portlets

Portlet Customization

Here is where you can customize your Home page to provide data in a fast and usable format. 


  1. Start by selecting the Customise icon
  2. Select one of the three columns by left-clicking in the space
  3. From the Portlet drop-down, select a Portlet
  4. Select the Add icon to place it in the column.
  5. Save once completed to view the Portlets on your Home page. 
    1. Below is a breakdown of each Portlet.



Post Icon and Messages

The Welcome Portlet screen will display notes that are Posted via the Post Icon. This feature is primarily accessed and used by Super Administrators to share relevant content. The Post feature must be requested to be enabled.  Once a user removes a message by selecting the X in the message, it will no longer be displayed.  Posted messages can not be edited after submission. 

post message display

Creating a Post Message

post message

  • Type:
    • Post
      • Will create a Post Message that is displayed by selected users until closed out
    • Mail
      • Will generate an email to selected users upon selecting OK
      • Double-check grammar and content before selecting OK
    • Both
      • Will Post the Message and send an email to selected users
  • Severity:
    This is a quick way to communicate the Post message intent
    • Information - general user information
    • Success - share a people or process success story
    • Warning - share a badging concern that must be addressed ASAP
    • Error -  share a known/found error
  • Expiration:
    • The date the post stops displaying
    • This date cannot be edited once OK is selected
  • Organization:
    • Only Viewable within the Organization's hierarchy
  • User:
    • Select All Active Users for all to see within the Organization's hierarchy
    • Select Choose, and start typing User Name to select, repeat for multiple users
  • Correction Process:
    • If a Post Information and/or Email was processed
      • "Please ignore the previous Post, Email, or Both by selecting the X to remove the original Post, delete the associated email,  and replace it/them with this posted content.  We apologize for any inconvenience" 


Contact Us


After searching and not finding your answer in our Veonics Portal Users Manual, the best way to communicate an issue is to submit it here so our technical support team can assist. 


The Edit feature is used to create Help content.  Currently, this feature is disabled.

Frequent Tasks

Here you'll find applicable Frequent Tasks for the selected Record Property.


  1. View records without photo
    1. This will display all Card Records without a photo
    2. Quickly search/link Records to existing photos or uploaded them for approval when applicable
  2. Upload records to a batch
    1. Opens the Import Records tool, which requires an Import Data Definition to be defined and selected before selecting a File to upload
  3. Verify standards for photos
    1. Opens the Photo Management page for the assigned Record Properties
    2. Here you can correct linked Photos for Crop/Validation (Approval)
  4. Approve designs
  5. Start a card order


  • Deprecated Software feature and no longer available

Card Statistics

Get quick statistics regarding Card Record Status and Photo Status


  1. New - (Number and Hyperlink of associated Card Records)
    1. Records that have not been approved and Active for printing
      1. Status = Yellow Star
        1. AND/OR
      2. Photo =Yellow X (Missing Photo) or Gray Check (Pending Validation)
  2. Active - 
    1. Records in an approved state
      1. Status = Green Check (Approved)
        1. AND
      2. Photo = Green Check (Accepted)
  3. Enqueued - 
    1. Cards Records marked for printing
  4. Printed -
    1. Card Records printed
  5. Shipped - Is rarely used
    1. Requires manual status update
  6. Lost -
    1. Requires manual status update
  7. Stolen -
    1. Requires manual status update
  8. Reissued -
    1. Inactive Card Records that have been Reissued and most likely printed

Card Group (Record Properties) Statistics

Quick access to all New and Ready (activated) Record Properties. Alternately known as Card Groups. 


  • New Card Groups
    • Record Properties pending activation
  • Ready Card Groups
    • Record Properties that are in an active status

Photo Statistics

Quick access to all Photos assigned to selected Record Properties. 


  1. Missing Photo - 246 (Number and Hyperlink of associated Card Records)
    1. The number of Card Records missing photos
  2. Pending Validation - 207
    1. Photo = Gray Check
  3. Unacceptable - 6
    1. Photo = Red X
  4. Accepted - 60
    1. Photo = Green Check
  5. Ready - 54
    1. Photo = Green Check
      1. AND
    2. Status = Green Check

    Station Monitor

    The Veonics Print Queue Manager Station Monitor provides a snapshot of print volume by week, month, quarter, and year per Print Location.


    Metrics Monitor

    • (not enabled)

    vPQM (Print Queue Manager)

    • (not enabled)

    Card Status Matrix


    Quota Monitor

      - (not enabled)

    CELLfie Status Matrix