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How do we enable remote technical support or training sessions?

eXpress badging uses GoTo Assist by CITRIX to remotely access customers’ computers, install purchased ID management software and PVC printers, and deliver technical support services and user training.

Remote Customer Computer Access Support Process

GoTo Assist is a secure remote computer resource and requires the customer to approve access to the computer they launch a remote session. For the latest in their cyber-security methods, research “GoToAssist Security.”

Step 1: Schedule a technical support session with our Technical Support team and we will provide a meeting link with access instructions via email.

Step 2: At the beginning of all support session calls, our eXpress badging™ support team instructs customers to close all applications displaying information others should not view. 

Step 3: Grant access to the user's computer using the secure process and codes provided.

  • Customers can disconnect the GoTo Assist session at any time, and eXpress badging cannot establish re-entry without customers acknowledging and approving another session.
  • If customers leave their computers unattended, they must inform eXpress badging™ that they are leaving. Then, remote access is disconnected.  
Step 4: After the support session is complete, the remote access is terminated by eXpress badging or the customer, and no further access is allowed unless starting over at Step 1.