How do I reset my Veonics® Portal password?

If you are a new User, forgot your password or it has stopped working, try resetting it first, then contact eXpress badging for further assistance.

Table of Contents:

New Users

A notification is sent to the new user once a new User is created and saved. Notification message:

Welcome to your organization's Veonics Portal identification issuance system. A new account has been created for you. We have provided instructions below, along with your username and temporary password. By following the link below, you are required to enter a new secure password, renter it, and you're done. 

Password Creation: Create a 12-character password with at least one UPPERCASE character, and one number, one special character (! ? $ ...).  Complying with most organizations' cybersecurity policies. 12Characters!

Reset Password Feature

Select the Reset Password feature on the Veonics® Portal login page and we will send you a Password Reset Email with the reset link.

Password Reset Email:

An online request was received to reset your account password, initiated by [%user.username%].
Your username is [%target.username%]

Please click [%url%]here to set a new password. This link will expire in 24 hours.

Password Creation: Create a minimum 12-character password with a combination of lowercase characters and at least one UPPERCASE character, one number, and one special character (! ? $ ...). Complying with most organizations' cybersecurity policies. 12Characters!

Issues in Resetting a Password

There are several reasons why it may have stopped and resetting will not work.

  • You entered your password incorrectly five times in a row
  • Your User account may have expired and may be in an Inactive State
  • Your company's Veonics Portal account may be in an Inactive State

Step 1: Contact us

  • Use our Contact Us form, one of our website
  • We do not recommend emailing or calling, as it may result in a delay in response 
    • please email us at support@
    • or call us at 800-909-8602

Step 2: You should receive a reset email allowing you to create a new password.

  • Please understand that for security reasons, there may be a delay as eXpress badging we will confirm the validity of the reset with the primary account holder.
  • If you have any urgent needs, please call us and we will expedite as fast as we can

Two Factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication can be enabled when set up correctly by the User in the upper-right corner of the web page using the Cog icon and selecting My Account.

Two-Factor Setup

password two factor

  1. Select two-factor authentication if you or your organization requires it.
    • When selected, the above additional page will pop up with additional instructions.
    • Only select and follow the instructions below if using an authenticator application on your mobile device
    • Enabling two-factor authentication dramatically increases the security of your account.
  2. Barcode Instructions:
      1. Authenticator (C) Google App is recommended
      2. Found on the app store
    2. Scan the Veonics Portal displayed bar code on your device to record the authorization code
      1. This is the only time this code will be displayed
      2. If the code does not work or the app is removed from your device, you will need to ask your administrator to reset your password, which will clear the two-factor authentication
    3. Select “Save” once completed

Logging in with Two-Factor Authentication enabled


  1. After entering the username and password, an additional Token box will appear
  2. Open the associated authenticator app used in the setup stage above
  3. Enter the displayed "Photo Capture Code” on the app in the Veonics Portal Token field and select Login.
  4. Repeat this step for every login. 
    1. You can increase the Veonics Portals Default Session Length (auto logoff-after time) by mousing over the cog in the upper right corner, selecting My Account
    2. Select the Options tab and increase the Default Session Length in minutes
    3. It is recommended to increase the Default List Length to 100 or more to see more card records on a single screen.

Disabling Two-Factor

  1. Login using the steps above
  2. Once logged in, mouse over the cog in the upper right corner and select My Account
  3. Deselect the Two-Factor Authentication Enabled box, and select the Save icon
    1. If your authenticator app stops working, or if not set up correctly, request a password reset and start over or continue without two-factor authentication.