How do I reset my Veonics® Portal password?

If you forgot your password or it has stopped working, try resetting it first, then contact eXpress badging for further assistance.

Reset Password Feature

Select the Reset Password feature on the Veonics® Portal login page

TIP: Watch the Video Below

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Change the Temporary Assigned Password

Once you're logged in, mouse over the gear on the top right corner and Click on My Account.

  • On the account management page will be the user name and email. Copy and paste the temporary/emailed password into the corresponding box. Then enter in a new password that is at least 12 characters long and follows the rules below.
    • Password must contain characters from three of the following four categories:
      •  Uppercase characters A-Z (Latin alphabet)
      •  Lowercase characters a-z (Latin alphabet)
      •  Digits 0-9
      •  Special characters (!, $, #, %)
    • Once completed, select the Save icon.

Issues in Resetting

There are several reasons why it may have stopped and resetting will not work.

  • Your User account may have expired and may be in an Inactive State
  • Your company's Veonics Portal account may be in an Inactive State

Step 1: Contact us using our Contact Us form, email us at support@, or call us at 800-909-8602

Step 2: You should receive a reset email allowing you to create a new password.

  • Please understand that for security reasons, there may be a delay as eXpress badging we will confirm the validity of the reset with the primary account holder.
  • If you have any urgent needs, please call us and we will expedite as fast as we can