How do I create and manage Organizations?

Veonics® Portal Organizations are used as account license levels, that are hierarchical in order. As users are assigned to their Organization, users are restricted to that Organization only, or any other assigned parent or child Organizations.

Veonics Portal Organizations

The use, access, and rights of the Veonics Portal will revolve around where your assigned organization sits within the Organization tree. You will only see the highest-level Organization that you have been assigned to.  If your organization is not listed or is incorrect, reach out to your administrator or the Veonics® Portal technical support department.

Adding an organization

Managing Organizations within the Veonics Portal is an advanced-level user right and is only used by Administrative users only. The primary Organization is set up by the Veonics Portal technical team. However, customer user-level additions may be needed and assigned to specific users. 

There are reasons to have multiple Organizations.  The primary reason is when restricting users' access only to see records related to their location or management. However, if there is no reason to restrict record views by each user, then one Organization is the ideal setup.

ABC Corporation (parent)

  • ABC Miami (child)
  • ABC Orlando(child)
  • ABC Tampa (child)

Adding Child Organizations:

  • You must have user rights enabled to add child Organizations.
  • First select the little plus sign "+" in the upper left of the screen, until expanded to the correct Organization level.
  • Select the Organization radio button and then select “New.”
  • Fill in the information in the middle of the screen as appropriate and then “Save.” 

The organizations in the Portal work as a parent-child system. So make sure to set the correct Organization Type for the customer: Master, Partner, Distributor, Customer, or Sub-Customer.


The act of Delete only Inactivates Organizations and does not delete them. 


Quotas are an advanced feature used by Super Users to set thresholds that limit the use of the Veonics Portal like the number of active users, Virtual ID access, monthly CELLfie™ volume, number of badge templates, monthly print volume, photo storage size, and count.